3 Surefire Ways to Get Approved for an Ohio Mortgage Refinance After Bankruptcy

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Getting approved for an Ohio mortgage refinance after bankruptcy can be tricky. Your credit score is probably at an all time low and your confidence in your finances is probably even lower. But, there is good news. People get approved for mortgage refinances every day and you can too. To help you out, here are three surefire ways to get approved for an Ohio mortgage refinance after bankruptcy:

Get Organized

The best way to handle financial stress is to get organized. Knowing your credit score, what type of refinance loan you desire, and how much money you need to pay off your original mortgage will help you get ready to take the steps necessary to refinance your Ohio mortgage after bankruptcy.

Get Educated

Knowledge is power. The more you know about something, the easier it is to accomplish your goals. To learn more about Ohio mortgage refinancing after bankruptcy all you have to do is a web search. There are plenty of materials out there that will teach you how to improve credit, how to find the best lenders, how to get mortgage refinance quotes, and much more. You can even learn how much it will cost to close on your Ohio loan–$3,354 and what the average interest rate in Ohio is–5.64 percent.

Get a Good Lender or Broker

One of the easiest ways to get approved for an Ohio mortgage refinance after bankruptcy is to find a good lender or broker. Quality lenders and brokers can advise you on the best loan and the best time to refinance. Working with a competent professional will ensure that you get the loan you need.


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